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ISO 9001 QMS Certification for the Central Jail No. 1, Tihar, Delhi Prisons

New Delhi, India, January 22, 2009 - Central Jail No. 1 situated at Tihar Prison Complex has achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification for the activities concerning the Model Ward.

Tihar Jail complex is one of the largest prison complex in the world comprising of nine central jails. More than 10,000 inmates are lodged at central jails at Tihar. The Model Wards (Mulaiza Wards in Urdu language) are established for the lodging of first time offenders to ensure their separation from the hardcore criminals lodged in other wards of the jail. Model ward comprises both cells and barracks for lodging of first time offenders. The rooms are well lit and ventilated with provision of exhaust fans. There is provision of Recreation Room, equipped with facilities of indoor games, library and a TV for entertainment of inmates. In addition, there is sufficient space for holding classes for Adult Education, different reformatory activities holding yoga and meditation sessions etc. Washing and bathing facilities have been provided in the wards. The toilets are fitted with flush system. Sufficient water has been provided for drinking and bathing purposes. The prisoners are being served hot and fresh food through a food trolley. There is provision of dining space in the ward so that food may be served in community spirit.


  Tihar Prison Central Jail No. 1 ISO 9001 QMS Certification, Consultancy provided by TQ VISION    

The scope of ISO 9001 QMS certification covers - "Provision of safe and secure detention of first time prisoners in the Mulaiza Ward as per the provision of the Delhi Prisons Act".

The activity of standardising the system was started during Aug 2008 with the appointment of TQ Vision as the management consultants to facilitate the process of certification. A team consisting of the Jail Superintendent Mr. B S Jarial, Deputy Superintendent's Mr. Yadav and Mr. Prakash and Asst. Superintendent's Mr. Praveen Arya, Mr. Subhash Batra & Mr. Mandeep Singh worked on the standardisation process under the guidance of Mr. Rajeev Arora, Lead Consultant, TQ Vision. Mr. Praveen Arya was nominated as the Management Representative.


All Staff members and Officers were instrumental in providing the inputs & suggestions for the improvements and whole heartily supported the implementation and the certification process. The system documentation was drafted by TQ Vision after studying the existing systems and the requirements defined in the Delhi Prison Act and Delhi Jail Manual. Systems were standardised and procedures documented for admission, removal & discharge of prisoners, interview, communication, guarding, provision of food, clothing & bedding, sanitation, medical facilities, court production, handling of prisoners property, grievances redressal, etc. The ISO 9001 Quality Manual and the ISO 9001 Quality System Procedures Manual was released after approval from Mr. B S Jarial. This was followed-up with the implementation, internal audits and management reviews.

The ISO 9001 Auditing Team from STQC Certification Services (Department of Information Technology, Government of India) was very much satisfied with the system implementation and has identified the system documentation and the management commitment as some of the strong areas within the organization.


The certificate was formally received on January 13, 2009. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jarial thanked all the concerned prison staff and inmates who had contributed towards getting the ISO 9001 certification and congratulated them for their efforts.

He further requested the staff to whole heartily cooperate in the prison administrations efforts to get the ISO 9001 certification for the whole jail. as the same will result in better services fulfilling the requirements of the Delhi Prison Act and having honest & transparent dealing with prisoners, courts and other agencies.

Mr. Jarial also thanked TQ Vision for ISO 9001 training and ISO 9001 consultancy support in achieving the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate from STQC, Government of India.

Central Jail No. 1 Tihar, Delhi, India - ISO 9001 Certification - Food being served

We have provided consultancy and training services to establish, implement and achieve ISO 9001 Certification to Delhi's Tihar Central Jail 1, Tihar Jail's Central Public Relations Office, Tihar Jail's Drug De-Addiction Center at Tihar Central Jail 3 and District Jail Rohini, Delhi

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